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Rental Storage Space - Find Cheap Self Storage

It seems that there is never enough room for all of the things we accumulate in life. That is especially true if you move into a home that is smaller than you are accustomed to having. Sometimes you luck out and have additional storage in the attic or some other space within the house. But what happens when you can’t find a place for those special items that you don’t want to rid of? It’s time to find some rental storage space; that is unless you want to build a storage shed or buy a shed that is best for you. In most areas you can find cheap self-storage to accommodate your needs.

The Need For Storage Space

What is the best way to tell if you really do need extra storage space? It’s possible to rent a storage space when you really don’t need it. Why waste your hard earned money on rental storage space if you don’t have to? Here are some helpful hints to do before making that determination:

1.     Sort through the items you have. You may find that many of the things you have in boxes aren’t even important.

2.    When extra items are in boxes, are they sufficiently packed together? Sometimes boxes are only partially filled, which requires you to use additional boxes, and thus need additional space. Pack your boxes more tightly.

3.    Is there a good reason you are keeping a particular item? Sometimes we pay for storing an item that we will never ever use. That’s like throwing your money to the wind. Unless an item has sentimental value, if you’re not going to use it in the next 12 to 18 months, is it important enough to keep? You may be better off having a garage sale or giving that item to a worthy cause. That way you and another person can get some value out of the item. You get more space and the other person gets an item they can use.

Options For Storing Items

Categorize what all you have that needs to be stored. How can it be stored? Some items are best to be packed away in boxes. Others can’t be stored that way. For example, if you need to store your bikes, you may want to put them somewhere where they can easily be retrieved. You may find that bicycles can be stored in your garage, hanging on hooks from the ceiling. By doing this, you may not use any extra space, plus they will be readily available when you want to ride them.

Try organizing various items, which may take up less space than just throwing things together. For organizing a work area in the garage or shop, try using baby food jars to store small bolts, screws, nuts, etc. of like kind. You can screw the lid of the jar to a board above your work bench into the storage cabinet. You will be surprised how much space you will gain, plus you will be able to see at a glance all the small hardware you actually have. This hardware won’t take up any additional cabinet space and will be easily accessible.

Some of the items you may need to store you will need on a regular basis. Lawn and yard tools are generally needed during much of the year. Lawn mowers or a gas edger shouldn’t be stored in a garage if you also have a hot water heater located in the garage. These should be stored in an outside storage shed or garden shed. If you don’t have a storage shed you may want to consider either building one or buying one. If you end up building a shed, you will want to get your hands on a good set of storage shed plans.

For a garden building, you would need a detailed set of DIY garden shed plans. You also have the option to purchase a shed; you want to get the best shed for the money. Buying the cheapest sheds isn’t always the best way to go, but you may find a well-built shed for a cheaper price.

Locating Cheap Self Storage

Storage rental costs can add up very quickly. A storage rental unit needs to fit your specific storage needs. When renting a storage space, find one the size that best fits your items. If your storage rental is only half full, you are paying close to twice what you need to.

Shop around when looking for cheap self-storage. American mini storage is abundant and often times very affordable. In most areas you can find a good deal if you look at enough locations. In some areas of the country there are large storage companies who offer move in specials. In several areas in California, Darrel’s Mini Storage offers up to six month’s rent free for each month you pay for up front. This is like getting your space for half price for an entire year.

When locating a cheap self-storage facility, make sure the structure is sound and doesn’t have leaks. Also make sure they offer free pest control. The last thing you need is to inherit someone else’s mice that eat up many of your valuables. In this case, cheap doesn’t refer to the price as much as it does to the quality of the storage unit.

Getting The Most Storage For Your Money

Another thing to consider when finding a cheap self-storage facility is to find one as close to home as possible. There are two good reasons to do this. With the rising price of gas, the more money it will cost you to go to your storage unit to pick up an item you may need. You will also save on valuable time if your rental storage space is close by.